Nestle Commercial – What Can We Learn

Nestle:What makes their new commercial so special ?

A few weeks after Nestle India was served notice by the apex consumer court over the government’s Rs.640 crore class action suit related to its Maggi noodles, the Swiss company launched a new commercial celebrating 100 years in India to gain consumer trust, although not featuring Maggi noodles

The 92-seconds commercial has been floating around on the social media platforms, titled ‘Nestle: A Part of India’s Life for 100 Years’.

The commercial gets everything right when it comes to brand portrayal and digital media marketing.


It humanizes Nestle

Coming out of their controversy, this commercial captures the brand value that nestle had secured with its products. It encompasses how deeply nestle has been ingrained in our day to day lives. We all have been over at our friend’s homes and been served Maggi. It’s the staple college snack.


It reminded the viewer of their bond with the brand

Brand value is something that pays dividends off in the long run. Successful brands not only retain their market but are immune t many backlashes and bad publicity. People just don’t want to hear about how their favorite brand might not be so good. Something we all see if you ever have a Apple vs Samsung debate. The facts just don’t matter, all that matters is the brand bond.


It made us super nostalgic

No matter how much we may crib about certain things in our country, deep down a patriot lives in us all. By mixing in footage or sounds of important events in Indian history, Nestle made us get all teary eyed for mother India. Even though this says nothing about the brand, the focus is on positive vibes. When viewers feel happy they relate it to Nestle. So in turn, they subconsciously are happy about Nestle.


No stops on the spam

They brought this commercial out in full force. They tested it, found it amazing and then did something that most marketing teams fail in. Bringing that amazing product to the consumer. But Nestle got this right as well, pulling out all the lights, they brought out their advertisement in full force, across all platforms. What good is a great commercial if no one gets to see it.


We all can learn from these simple yet often overlooked ways on how to make a commercial great.

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