Top 5 Books That You MUST Read As Students

This article contains books that have some really powerful ideas explained in a simple yet definitive way. And the reason you as students should read these books is because the perspective offered by a lot of these authors will allow you to make much better decisions in life. There is no order to these books and there are many more that could really help you. But here are the ones that we think are probably the best ones for our students.




1. Think and Grow Rich – Napolean Hill

This probably one of the best piece of self-help literature that gears you up for success. It was originally written in 1937 by Napolean Hill who studied industry leaders like Andrew Carnegie and came up with principles that successful people live by but others don’t. The simple question being answered in this book is “What makes successful people successful and others not so much?”. If you believe, like a lot of others, that the answer to this question is luck, then perhaps this book is not for you. But if you believe that being successful in anything you do is in your control, this is probably one of the books you definitely need to read. After almost 80 years of it being written, it is still one of the most respected books in the self-help sphere.




2. Emotional Intelligence – Daniel Goleman

The reason this book is so damn interesting is because it proves without a doubt that there are things other than IQ that determine a person’s success. It is full of vivid explanations to why people behave the way they do – why people are not able to control their anger even when they know its really bad for them, why people let their emotions get the better of them when they really shouldn’t. And of course, ways to gain control of your mind and emotions to evolve into a much calmer and deep thinking human being capable of making better decisions.




3. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey

This book will really blow your mind with the ideas that it offers. And the reason for that is not really because it shows you how to succeed in life, rather how to improve in whatever you are doing. One of the best ideologies explained in this book is about living a life where the things happening around you do not really determine your actions or your feelings. If you think this is impossible you really need to read the book and understand it for yourself. You will not be disappointed and undoubtedly be a much wiser person when you finish reading it.


dale-carnegie quote


4. How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

If you think you are a social person and can make friends anywhere you go, wait till you read this book. While some ideas may appear obvious to you, the point of reading this book is not really to learn tricks to win friends but to understand what behaviour on your part while interacting with others, could potentially influence others to be nicer to you. While you could read the part where the author talks about giving complements to others in order to make them feel good and say “Complements make people happy? No shit!” , what you could also do is understand how these simple methods help you get your way when you are dealing with people you are uncomfortable with.




5. Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki

This book is very well written and helps you understand that what your parents are teaching you about becoming well off in life is probably not true. The author spent his childhood with two figures that influenced him. One his real dad or his ‘poor’ dad who was highly educated, had a decent job and completely believed in his way of life. The other was his friend’s dad or his ‘rich’ dad who was uneducated but had his own business and was probably the richest man in town. What this books really teaches you is about the contradiction in advice that rich dad and poor dad gave. The author in conclusion tries to point out that there are a lot of kids who get influenced in a similar manner he was when he listened to his poor dad, and how to really become rich in life.


While it is not really important to read everything, what is important is thinking about the ideas presented to you by these authors and how you can implement in your own lives to improve and ultimately grow as a human being.

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