Why we are how we are?

Ever wondered, why you look around before lighting a cigarette? Hugging the opposite sex? Even buying a bottle of water from a tapri? Going to a shady cinema to watch “A” rated movies? Atleast I have!

The problem!

This has been an issue for a lot of us, we never think we’re doing something wrong but when we see others doing the same, we judge them. We come upto a conclusion about a person’s personality just because they smoke, drink or probably even hug the opposite sex. I could be married and have a guy best friend who I’d give a tight hug because I’ve known him all my life!

This thinking of ours has been passed down from our ancestors. We might consider ourselves a cool and modern generation, but trust me, we aren’t. We care too much about others and moreover what others will think about us! We don’t even realise that we are getting judgemental about someone because we do not think it’s bad.

The solution to this problem?

There isn’t a clear cut solution to this problem. Change starts with you. You do it for yourself and let the others decide what they have to do for themselves. Stop judging people, staring at them smoking, drinking or whatever the hell they are doing. Its none of your business. Do your own thing. Do what you feel is right without caring about what others think of you. It’s none of your business either!

Be proud of who you are and do what you think will make your present and future a good past.

You know you want a solution to this problem.

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